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March 24 2012

John's Latest Interviews

7th January 2012 - True Anarchy series final on American Freedom Radio

7th Dec 2012 - Truth Frequency

5th October - web bot forum panel discussion -

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2nd October 2011 - redice radio - the archons

29th September 2011 -  on

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27th September 2011 - Truth Frequency Radio -

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Grok the Talk 16 - 17th September 2011

American Freedom Radio - 10th September 2011

John Lash and Judy Wood on Grok The Talk - 6th September 2011

Challenge to the Crop Circle Wizards - 20th August 2011

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Grok The Talk interview no. 15 - 3rd September 2011

Grok The Talk interview no. 14 - 1st September 2011

American Freedom Radio - 27th August 2011

GLP Podcast - 24th August 2011

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GodlikeProductions Podcast
24th August 2011

Source - Grok the Talk Radio

Interviews on Grok the Talk radio -

Currently 15 interviews, ongoing series.

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Grok The Talk interview no. 15 - 3rd September 2011

Grok The Talk interview no. 14 - 1st September 2011

Interview no.13 - 20 August 2011

Interview no.12 -18 August 2011

Interview no.11 - 4th August 2011

Interview no.10 - 11 July 2007

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Source - American Freedom Radio

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American Freedom Radio - 10th September 2011

American Freedom Radio - 27th August 2011

American Freedom Radio - 23rd July - 2011
TOPICS -  fear - importance of keeping true to the Sophia myth and not distorting it,
noting the increase of take up of the Sophia myth in the wider public discourse - 
what is myth? - birth and foundation of comparative mythology and its importance to
the discovery of the Sophian myth - J.Campbell pointed towards the future of what 
John calls directive or applied mythology - Sophia myth as a unique an open ended myth,
a directive myth - Sophia's correction - Gnostic ideas of divinity, Aeons are not
omniscient - omniscience is a theocratic and patriarchal construction used for 
power and control - unexpected things happen, even to Sophia - myth of Sophia
is a story of interactivity with the divine - abrahamic religions, obedience and fear - 
Sophia, novelty, freedom, correction - directive power of myth is in the whole story,
not in one element of the story - the whole trajectory of the story is where the power 
lies - annunaki story a disinfo scam, a slave species story - nature of the aeons -  the 
creation of the anthropos in the plermoa - anthropos not designed to deal with the
archons because the anthropos was created before the archons were accidentally 
created, accounting for archontic influence was not anticipated in the original template 
design of the anthropos - reason why human evil seems to have the advantage, we are 
not equipped to deal with the level of deception in our world - why do sociopaths have
the edge? - our disadvantage - secrecy and deception - Sophia myth provides the solution
- correct the deviance that comes from the archontic challenge - the battle to overthrow
secrecy - the answer become ruthless, sacred anger - warriors of Gaia, love of freedom - 
protect life and planet from the greatest threat, intra-species predators - use the special
power given by Sophia, the luminous epinoia, to repel the archontic influence - before 
the earth was created, anthropos was already seeded - difference between luminous 
epinoia and ego referenced fantasy (narcissism), distinction between true imagination
and fantastic imagination - defined, true imagination incorporates HER story - gnostic 
use of psychoactive plants to reduce ego, ego death - trans-sentience, merge into sense 
beyond self-identity - ego attachment - gnosis defined as full body cognitive ecstacy -
knowing through ecstacy - Planetary Tantra defined - practice of interactivity with the 
entire consciousness of the planet - Gaian Tantra Vow - pathology of intra-species 
predators backed by the secrecy and deceptions of the archons - Gaian Tantra notion 
of power - nous - theocracy and hierachy - initiations in gnostic cells - Christos, Thelete
and Sopia and the SUN - the intercession of the Christos, Mesotes.

August 27 2011 - American Freedom Radio

Source - Feminine Mojo with Jamie Walters

Interviews on the Feminine Mojo with Jamie Walters -

5 Interviews located at

Interview no.5 - 18 May 2011 - Sacred Relationship, Gender Love

Interview no.4 - 16 March 2011 - Sophia Mysteries & Working with the Organic Light of the Mystics

Interview no.3 - 23 February 2011 - Sophia Mysteries & Working with the Organic Light of the Mystics

Interview no.2 - 20 January 2011 - Reconnecting with Sophia, Desire - Imagination, Gender & the Organic Light

Interview no.1 - 6 January 2011 - Restoring Sanity

Source - Red Ice Radio

Interviews on Red Ice Radio -

21st July 2011 - Sophia's Correction, Earth Changes and Stellar Anomalies /
The Archontics Control Matrix and 9/11
7th January 2010 - Mystery Religions, Gnosticism, the Occult and Globalist Elite / The Antichrist, 
One World Religion and 2012. 


18 May 2008 - Origin of Religion, Entheogens, Wasson & Black Magic Pharmacology

10 February 2008 - Gnosticism and Abrahamic Religion / Artificial Technomania of the Archons